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2018 Autumn Nine Fashion Colors
- Sep 11, 2018 -

At the beginning of this brief fall,

We get our inspiration from the natural scenery,

Recommend some fall colors to everyone.


Wheat Gold

"When the south wind blows at night, the wheat lies yellow."

The wheat rolls bring autumn,

Also bring dazzling and stylish gold.

The never-fading wheat gold,

The sun is shining brightly all the time.

To ease the vague uneasiness and anxiety of the human heart,

Use its dazzle, heal a lot of regret.


Dark cinnabar orange

Amazing, but not flashy.

Cinnabar orange looks bouncing,

Actually heavy and dignified.

In the lonely autumn,

Don't forget to use cinnabar orange,

Remove the burden of internal refinement.



Maple-Leaf Red

In the languid autumn,

Who doesn't want to be drunk in a pulse of maple leaf red.

Forgetting busyness, fatigue, and indecision,

A touch of maple leaf red makes it burn like fire,

Light up many dark sides.



Gingko Yellow

Though it's faded yellow,

But there is no sign of dying,

Instead there is a uniform white in yellow leaves.

Make the people in the room appear calm and gentle.

Without the power of positive yellow,

There is no glare and intensity of dark yellow.

Large area wear also the low-key gentle beauty.


Tea tree Brown

The original autumn of implication and romance gradually faded,

Ushered in is the mature and thick autumn.

Represents the rise of mature and stable earth color system.

Most harmonious with autumn scenery,

And people's full sentiment infinite close.


Pittosporum green

It's not a crisp green,

It is the dark green that has been washed day and night through the wind and rain.

Autumn with depression can also be a perfect blend.


Coloured glaze blue

The ancients praised its fresh and clear,

As deep and deep as the sky, deep and deep, wash the heart.

We love that it's clean and transparent and easy to match.


Tofu white

No sense of immaculate cleanliness,

This autumn, tofu white with a warm and harmonious meaning.

Not too loud, and never too quiet,

Match every skin color.


Quiet gray

The most commonly heard people say grey is superior and elegant,

There's this unconscious trust,

It's because of the smoke and grey.

Because dimly discernible,

So there's a sense of distance, high.


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