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Eight Common Terms Of Textile Garment Fabric
- Sep 06, 2018 -

1.    Stiffness

We can feel the rigidity, the counterforce of the opponent, and the feeling of flexibility and enrichment when touching the fabric. For example, the feel of high density fabrics made of elastic fibers and yarns. To make the fabric stiff, coarse fibers should be selected, increase fiber modulus, increase yarn tightness and weaving density.


2.    Softness

Softness refers to the soft, light, fluffy, slippery, stiff, flat and smooth feel. To make the fabric soft, we can improve the degree of yarn dishevelment, selection of yarn, and weaving density should not be too high.


3.    Fullness

Fabric with good fleeciness, can give a person with loose plump feeling. Compression bounces well, giving a warm and thick feeling.


4.    Complaisant spend

Follow the properties of the soft deformation of the body surface.


5.    Smooth degree

It is derived from the feel of rough or hard fiber or strong twisted yarn, mainly the feel of the fabric surface. Smoothness can be achieved by twisting and using fibers with grooves or uneven surfaces.


6.    Sliding waxy

It comes from the softness and smoothness of fine wool and the touch of mountain cashmere. The sliding waxy degree, contrary to the sliding degree, requires the surface fiber of the fabric to be thin and distributed on the surface of the fabric in the form of wool roll or feather. Smoothness and smoothness are positively correlated.


7.    Flatness

The properties of fabric's anti-drape and its own ability to span the plane of extension are independent of elasticity. Choosing stiffer fibers and yarns to increase the weaving density will result in such performance characteristics.


8.    Draping property

Drape refers to the natural droop of the fabric to form a curved surface under the action of gravity. If the fabric can droop into smooth, uniform curvature or uniform corrugated surface, the fabric is said to be good drape.

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