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Waste Recycling - Waste Textiles Turned Into Building Materials
- Sep 27, 2018 -

In the European Union, only a quarter of the estimated 5.8m tones of waste textiles produced annually are recycled, with the rest being pulled to landfills or incinerated, according to a study by the Madrid institute of technology in Spain. In a new attempt, scientists at the Madrid institute of technology have turned waste textiles into environmentally friendly indoor wall panels.


These waste textiles mainly come from the clothing production industry. As these raw materials come from the products that have passed the inspection, these wastes do not need to be specially treated in advance, but only need to be cut and crushed. The scientists extracted the textile fibers needed to make the wall panels.


After the textile fibers are extracted, they are glued together with a binder called hard lime to make a wall board. Compared with other chemical binders, natural water hard lime has the advantages of being less flammable and free of poisonous gas, and is more suitable for the production of indoor building materials.


The board that makes hangs wall board to have low density characteristic, itself weight also is far under the common wall board on the market. In the heat insulation and sound insulation, textile fiber made of wall panels performance than the ordinary wall panels much better.


The thermal conductivity of the wall board is 1/2 of that of other common wall board. At the same time, the introduction of textile fiber improves the sound absorption ability of the wall board to achieve better sound insulation effect.

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