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How To Distinguish The True And False Of The Linen Cloth Clothing
- Apr 27, 2018 -

(1) pure linen fabric is wrinkled and feels cool.

(2) natural linen and cloud markings on pure linen fabric. To see if the thickness of the warp and weft lines is uniform. If the latitude and longitude lines are too uniform, they may be cotton fabrics.

(3) pure flax fibers are white ash and burn paper.

(4) high quality linen fabric has clear texture, no hairiness, few flax particles and smooth surface. The outside worsted linen, the less the surface, the less the better

(5) high quality pure linen fabric has strong tear resistance and is soft before and after washing. The shrinkage rate is less than three percent.

(6) high quality primary color linen is brown and luster, and water absorption is uniform. Linen, which is treated as a flexible fiber, is inhomogeneous and wet. It will darken after wetting.

(7) pull a thread, the quality linen is broken, the ends should be smooth, otherwise impure. If the ends are bent and bifurcated, the line is cotton.

(8) if the caustic soda is applied to the canvas, the flax will be brownish yellow and the cotton fabric is light yellow.

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