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How to wash the linen clothes correctly
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Liner is a comfortable summer clothing, which is very suitable for making light and thin suits. Though maintaining Liner products, there are some small details. Not all Liner products must be dry cleaned. First read and wash the labels. Take proper precautions to wash linen garments.

1. to read the Liner before you drop it into the washing machine. The correct way to do it is that it's okay to wash the loose linen casual clothes with a beautiful wrinkle, and the more clean linen, such as a linen suit, should be dry cleaned.

2. please use the gentle washing machine to wash Liner products and not to wash them too long. Washing delicate linen products in pillowcases can give them better protection. If you do not feel relieved, you can also wash them by hand.  Linen fabric is a natural fabric. To prevent mixing in the washing process, wash the light and dark clothes separately.

3. please use special detergent to wash valuable clothes in cold water. Make sure that the detergent is fully dissolved in water, otherwise it will leave a brown stain on the light linen.

4. hang to dry.


5. ironing when the linen is slightly wet, transfer the iron to the linen gear. Liner products can be ironed with hot steam. Liner products should be hung after ironing to avoid wrinkles.

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