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Daily Maintenance Of Linen Pants
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Liner is a washable fabric, and the softer it is, the more luster it becomes. After washing, linen clothing needs to be properly pressed. When washing linen fabric, the right detergent should be selected first. The lotion containing bleach is suitable for cleaning white linen products, but not for coloured linen fabrics, so as to avoid fading. Colored linen fabric must be free of bleach lotion.

2. linen fabrics dry

Before drying, do not twist the linen clothes and dry them naturally. It is better to arrange Liner cloth before drying, so that wrinkles can be avoided. In addition, do not dry thoroughly before pressing, slightly wet linen clothing is easier to iron.  Excessive drying and ironing will cause Liner fabrics to lose their natural moisture and harden. Excessive drying and ironing fabrics need to absorb moisture from the air.

3. linen fabric ironing

As mentioned above, it is best to iron the linen clothing when it is slightly wet. In addition, it is also necessary to ensure that the ironing board is clean and smooth. It is not appropriate to press the linen too dry. Hang or hang up the clothes to make them dry naturally after ironing.

4. linen fabric storage

Linen fabrics should be kept in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Before Liner storage, it should be washed to prevent mildew. If there is a mildew, please take the linen out of the outdoor (prevent the mold spores to stay indoors) and brush off the mildew with a brush, and then soak it in an oxygen - containing bleach cleaner to dry. Finally, Liner linen, pure cotton or acid free paper bags are used to wrap the washing linen.

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