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Year Of 2018 Dongguan Lancai Garment Co., Ltd Two-days Trip In Shenzhen City Jinshawan Scenic Area
- Aug 04, 2018 -


Aug. 02, 2018,  all the employees of the company stepped on the luxury bus to Shenzhen city for a two-day trip to Jinshawan Scenic Area. We started at one o 'clock in the afternoon, and we talked and laughed along the way.

After arriving at the beautiful beach, we started our team building activity today.

This activity not only enriches the part-time life of employees, enhances the communication and cooperation between departments, and makes the big family more harmonious, so as to improve the cohesion of the enterprise and fully demonstrate the team spirit of the company.

Running and chasing on the beach, close to the sea, pick up shells, some pick up branches to paint on the beach, some run on the beach, life is full of pleasure. This side is playing in the middle of the game, the burning oven over there has been lit up, sweet chicken wings, lovely steamed bread, sweet corn, sweet leek, fat eggplant, all come into play, wow, it's really too busy to know what to eat first. We were eating, drinking and playing, just then the sound of the waves and our laughter were heard on the beach.


Aug. 03, 2018, after a hearty breakfast, we drove to the Dapeng Ancient City.

The ancient city has a long history of more than 600 years, walking on the town road, as we are the local people happy here.

And thus imperceptibly the day had crept on to its close, and now the sun was on the point of sinking out of sight behind the high mountains. It's time to take the bus home. In the hot wind and sunshine, we end this pleasant trip, we are all very happy these two days and we are bound to work harder in the coming days. We wish our company a better future.

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