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How To Wash Linen Fabric Clothing?
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Various articles have repeatedly told that linen is best washed by hand! Machine washing can also be done. First of all, in order to wash clothes clear and keep it in shape, please set the washing machine to the maximum water level and wash gently.


It’s normal if the linen textile and clothing in a certain range of shrinkage after washing. So we need to wash clothes in cold water, or no more than 40 warm water, it can be lead to shrank badly if the water temperature is too high. 


Please knocked the dust of your clothes before washing, soak it in cold water for 10-20 mins, squeeze water out, then you can wash it, and it will be much better.


Put the detergent into the water, add cold or warm water, let the detergent mix well with the water, then you can put your linen clothes into water, gently rub and rinse off with clean water for maximum protection of your clothes.


Please put clothes inside out when washing, do not drip dry naturally after washing wring. When you wash new clothes, you can soak clothes in a soft drink for a while to make them not so hard hand feel.


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