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What are the advantages of linen fabric
- Apr 27, 2018 -

The linen fabric has been used as the special fabric of the ancient European royal family. It circulates in the upper society. As the linen fabric is widely circulated around the world, the advantages of linen fabric are gradually unearthed by people.

Linen fabric has the functions of tempering, anti allergy, anti static and antibacterial. Because of the good moisture absorption of flax, it can absorb 20 times the weight of its own weight, so the linen fabric feels dry. Now, the emergence of wrinkle free, no ironing linen products and the appearance of blended products make the market of linen products further expanded.

Style blending

Flax can be interwoven or blended with wool, polyester and other fibers to form a unique and inexpensive textile product.

In view of the characteristics of linen fabrics, wool and linen are interwoven with cool fabric, and flax fiber and wool textile are new ways to lighten and lighten wool fabrics. Because wool fiber and linen fiber are different in the properties of fineness, elasticity, elongation and curl, the process of blending is difficult to control, such as hair and winding roller, broken head and flax, low production efficiency, large consumption and low spun yarn. Now wool and flax are often used to form wool and linen weft. The plain weave product is light and slippery because of its double warp single weft structure, and it is smooth and firm. The warp density of the wool linen product is often larger than the stiff linen yarn, and the surface is mostly wool fiber, and the later finishing focuses on the wool fiber. Wool and linen interwoven cool fabric has the advantages of wool and linen, and has a good market in the field of reuse.

Energy saving and environmental protection, material health

Linen fiber nonwovens composite material: Linen Fiber Nonwovens / unsaturated polyester composites can be made by vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (RTM). Because the price of flax, the density is smaller than all inorganic fibers, and the modulus of elasticity and tensile strength are similar to that of inorganic fibers, and can be partially taken in the composite. Compared with glass fiber and carbon fiber, flax fiber is softer than glass fiber and carbon fiber. Through proper degumming treatment, the fiber can choose a reasonable carding process, and the needle punched method can produce non woven fabric reinforced fiber felt with quantity and fluffy, and the fiber damage is small. And the thickening effect is good. As an enhancement material, it has the advantages of short production process, no weaving and low processing cost, and is conducive to saving energy and environmental protection.

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