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The difference between linen and cotton linen
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Linen fabric is made of linen twisted yarn, and its surface is concave and convex with unique aesthetic feeling. The main technology is to harvest the mature flax from the roots to the leaves, waiting for its decay, leaving only solid fibers, and then weave them into linen fabrics. Linen fabric is the most solid type of textile after synthetic fiber. Its fiber strength is high, it is not easy to tear, break and wear. The garments made of linen are very popular with retro breathability. In addition to being used for making clothes, linen can also be used as a canvas for artists to make full use of their imagination.

The market is full of fabrics. Individual businesses sell semi linen and cotton linen to linen, so we need to learn how to distinguish linen fabrics.

1. Try breaking a thread. If there are curved ends at both ends, the line is cotton. Because the linen line is broken, the ends should be smooth, otherwise it will not be pure linen.

2. Wet the cloth. The quality of the original linen is brown and uniform in water absorption. If the linen is not good, the water will not be evenly distributed. If it is wet, it will become black.

How does the linen fabric be preserved? This is also a place for us to learn, and we know how to preserve it in order to better use linen fabric.

1, the method of stacking should be paid attention to. The stacking of flax should be classified and stacked, so stacking will be convenient for management. Orderly stacking is not only convenient for us to use, but also conducive to the smooth surface of cloth and good organization structure.

2, after washing, it should be dried in time. Flax fabric should be dried immediately after washing. It will not lead to moldy fabrics and must be completely dried before placing them.

Now we must know what linen fabrics are. Linen is a special fabric. What we need to pay attention to is to learn to distinguish correctly when choosing, and to learn to keep it reasonable when using it. Only this kind of fabric can be used for a long time.

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