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What kind of cotton cloth is the choice of clothes
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Flat cloth:

1, the common feature of plain cloth is weave weave weave, the linear density of warp and weft yarns is the same or similar as that of warp and weft yarns in fabric.

2. According to the thickness of the warp and weft yarns used, it can be divided into coarse plain cloth, plain cloth and fine plain cloth.


1. The fabric is also woven with plain weave. Compared with plain cloth, the ratio of density to weft density is generally 1.8~2.2:1.

2. Because the density of the warp is obviously larger than the density of the weft, the diamond grain formed by the raised part of the warp is formed on the surface of the fabric.


1. Ramie yarns are usually weaved and weaved in plain weave weaves, and other weave knitted fabrics are also used.

2. It is made of fine cotton yarn or polyester cotton yarn, and the twist of warp yarn is higher than that of weft, and the twist of warp yarn is higher than that of ordinary flat cloth. Therefore, the fabric has the characteristics of the fabric as crisp as the linen fabric.


1, the twill is usually woven with 2/1 weave. The fabric has a distinct twill line and a reverse side. The warp and weft direction are all single yarn, with linear density close to the fabric. The fabric is slightly higher than the weft density.

2. Coarse denim weave made of fine tex yarns, made of medium tex yarn. The raw materials used are pure cotton, viscose and polyester and cotton. The twill cloth is tight and soft.


1. Khaki is a twill fabric. According to the warp and weft yarns used, the wired cards (warp and weft strands) and half line cards (strands, weft single yarn) and gauze cards (warp and weft single yarn) are divided. The line card is made of 2/2 weave, and the reverse and reverse twill lines are very obvious, also called double-sided cards. The half line card is woven by 3/1.

2, the gauze card is woven with 3/1. Half line cards and gauze cards are single side cards. The main raw materials used in Khaki are pure cotton, polyester and cotton, etc.

3. The fabric has a tight structure and a clear texture, and it is durable and durable. After dyeing, it is mainly used for clothing, windbreaker and raincoat fabrics in spring, autumn and winter. The gauze card is used as the fabric of the clothes and work clothes.


1, Serge is also woven in twill. According to the different materials used in warp and weft direction, they are divided into two kinds: Serge (warp and weft yarn) and thread Serge (warp strands, weft yarn).

2. The former uses 2/2, and the latter uses 2/2. Serge is more flexible than the similar varieties of khaki, the structure of the Vada, and the serge is more flexible than the serge.

3. This fabric is reverse on the reverse side, with thick texture and soft handle. The main materials used are pure cotton, cotton viscose and viscose.

Hua Dane:

1, Hua Dane also woven with twill. Its characteristics are about twice as dense as the density of the weft, so the inclination of the twill is larger.

2. Fabric tightness is less than khaki and larger than Serge.  The cloth is better than the serge, but not as thick as khaki. According to the different materials used in the warp and weft direction, it is divided into the yarn Hua Dane (the warp and the weft use single yarn), the half line Hua Dane (through the use of the strands, the weft single yarn) and the whole line Hua Dane (the longitude and latitude are all used in the thigh line), but all are organized with 2/2. The fabric is made of pure cotton, cotton sticky, cotton and polyester cotton.

3, the texture of the fabric is clear, the texture is thick, and the cloth is full of luster. Fabrics are dyed and used as clothing for men's and women's clothing in spring, autumn and winter.

Transverse tribute:

1, cross tribute, also known as satin satin, is woven with weft satin weave. Its characteristic is that the density of the weft density is about 5:3. Therefore, the fabric surface is mostly covered by weft yarns. The pure cotton warp and weft yarn are all processed by combing.

2, the fabric is smooth, soft, glossy and tightly structured. Dyed tribute is mainly used as fabric for women and children's clothing. Printed cross tribute is used as clothing for women and children as well as quilt covers and quilt covers.

Labor cloth:

1, the labor cloth is also called the sturdy, denim. Most of them are woven by 2/1. It is characterized by weaving coarse and pure cotton yarn, cotton yarn and so on. Warp dyeing and weft yarn are mostly white yarn, so the fabric is positive and negative, with the warp color on the front and the color on the reverse side.

2, according to the different materials used in the warp and weft, it can be divided into yarn laboring cloth (warp and weft single yarn), half line labor cloth (through the strands of the system, weft to single yarn), and the whole line of labor cloth (the longitude and latitude share line). The labor cloth is generally shrink proof.

3, the fabric has clear texture, tight texture, firm and firm handle and firm handle. It is mainly used for the factory's work clothes and protective clothing, especially suitable for making jeans, women's dresses and all kinds of children's clothing.

Oxford cloth:

The Oxford fabric is weft knitted or weaved with Fang Ping weave. Its characteristic is that one of the warp and weft yarns is a polyester cotton yarn, one is pure cotton, and the weft is combed. The fine weft is used to be about 3 times of the warp yarn, and the polyester cotton yarn is dyed to color yarn and pure cotton yarn is bleached. The fabric has soft color, soft cloth, good air permeability, comfortable wearing and double color effect. It is mainly used for shirts, sportswear and pajamas.


1. Young cloth is pure cotton fabric made of plain weave. The yarn density of the warp and weft yarn is the same, and the warp and weft density of fabric is close.

2, the main features are: one of the warp and weft yarns is dyed yarn, the other is bleached yarns. The fabric is harmonious, light and thin, smooth and soft.

3, mainly used for shirts, underwear fabrics and quilts.

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