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What Is The Effect Of Cotton Fabric On Cold Resistance
- Apr 27, 2018 -

With the change of climate in the life of the market is quite widely used, for cotton technology processing in the winter can resist the cold winter in the use of performance, in the textile industry has brought a variety of clothes and quilt supplies, for people's life made a great contribution.

1 matters needing attention in the wholesale use of cotton cloth

Cotton cloth wholesale in the process of clothing preservation, it is easy to be invaded by mosquitoes of various diseases, for high quality and expensive performance in cotton cloth, must pay attention to the preservation of technical methods, to avoid long time by rain invasion or exposure to the situation.

2 cotton fabric to prevent the invasion of all kinds of harmful insects, which will cause the appearance of decay in the cloth, causing a serious waste of resources, so in the cleaning of cotton cloth, a reasonable scientific prevention of harmful insect and bacteria invasion of the situation.

3 cotton cloth wholesale in the process of cleaning to avoid the process of mixed cleaning with colored items, in the process of cold drying to avoid long exposure caused by easy to rot, in the daily preservation to prevent wet climate impact, reduce the life of the life.

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