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Washing Of Linen Clothes
- Apr 27, 2018 -

1. Wash, do not use boiling water, use warm or cold water; 2. The use of cleaning agents, can not be soaked for a long time, after a short time soaking gently rub wash, linen materials should be cleaned in time, not stacked together for a long time, will fade. Do not wash with other cotton materials.

3. If it is flat and dry, it cannot be twisted, it will wrinkle, and it will not be exposed to sunlight. It will cause yellowing, and it must be promptly collected after drying.

4. Smooth ironing temperature should not be too high, the temperature is too high, will destroy the internal structure, resulting in damage to the fabric, ironing is best covered in a layer of white cloth, so that it can maintain its bright colors. 5. Differentiate the color during washing, wash the black burlap that has faded slightly, add a little strong tea or coffee in the water, so that the washed out linen is bright and bright. If it is colored linen, after cleaning, you can add two beers in the rinsing water to make The faded linen is as bright as new.

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