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Trend Analysis Of Autumn And Winter Sportswear Fabrics Knitting & Woven
- Dec 18, 2018 -

Bird 's-eye cloth

What is bird's eye cloth? Bird's eye cloth, we often call it "honeycomb cloth" - is a knitted fabric, weft knitting fabric. It can be all polyester, it can be all cotton, factories are usually all polyester bird's eye cloth.

What fabric is bird's eye cloth? What is the characteristic of bird's eye cloth? Bird's eye cloth is known as moisture absorption and sweat bird's eye cloth, because its fabric surface is composed of a lot of bird's eye shape, a careful look at it can be seen that the surface of a grid shaped holes. Its most important function is moisture absorption and sweat drainage. The principle of sweat drainage is through the holes on its surface. Due to the existence of these holes, it can achieve the effect of moisture absorption and sweat drainage very well, which is its main function.


Stretch fabric

What is fabric of all sides bounce fabrics, what is its characteristic?

Elastic fabric is a kind of elastic fabric. Usually, spandex elastic silk is used to give the fabric a certain elasticity. It can adapt to the activities of the human body, with stretch with shrink, light and comfortable, and also can maintain the appearance of clothing beauty, clothing knee, elbow and other parts not because of wearing a long time and deformation bulging. Elastic twill fabrics are breathable and moisture permeable, waterproof and heat resistant, breathable and moisture permeable, strong, tensile and non-shrink. They are widely used in home and clothing.


Spandex single jersey

What is spandex jersey and what are its features? Polyurethane fabric is a kind of single-side fabric, which is made of cotton yarn and polyurethane silk blended and then woven. The difference between sweats and cotton wool is that sweats are single-sided and cotton wool are double-sided fabrics, which are widely used in the fields of swimsuits, underwear, casual clothes, t-shirts, bodybuilding clothes and dance clothes. According to the requirements of customers to do moisture absorption sweat, anti - ultraviolet, anti - static, anti - yellow and other functional finishing.


Milk silk fabric

What is milk silk made of? What are the advantages of milk silk fabrics? Milk silk fabric is also called milk fiber, milk protein fiber. Its composition is a new type of animal protein fiber which is different from natural fiber, regenerated fiber and synthetic fiber. Soft, skin friendly, breathable, moisture conductivity, cool body. The heat preservation is close to cashmere, with good heat preservation. At the same time more wear resistance, anti - pilling, coloring, strength. Its bacteriostatic rate achieves 80% above, have inhibitory action to the bacillus of harmful skin, coccus, mould, it is a kind of high quality high-grade fabrics that gets people to like very much.


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