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The Characteristics And Uses Of Common Linen Materials
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Pure hemp:

1. Ramie: There are two categories, one is the style of manual or imitation manual called Xiabu. Mostly used for mosquito nets, linen linings, linings, etc. Weaved, even and smooth fabrics can be dyed and printed. Because it is stiff, breathable and wicking, it is suitable for summer fabrics.

2. Linen: Sub-primary and stained. The natural color has a natural luster; linens processed by bleaching, dyeing, or mercerization process have a smooth, clean, soft, and stiff surface. Cool and comfortable, sweaty and non-sticky. It is also one of the more suitable apparel fabrics for the summer. It can be used for: shirts, dresses, even curtains, sofa cloths, etc.


3, Jute: The most rough kind of hemp, mainly used for rope, paper making; made of cloth, rough, crisp, strong; used to make sacks, bags, shoes and so on. Of course, it can also be processed into delicate fabrics, such as my old club: Younger registered family of Hanma, and hemp (jute)-based garments.

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