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Style- Vision209/20 Autumn/winter Women's Fashion Trends And Key Fabric Points
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Style- vision209/20 autumn/winter women's fashion trends and key fabric points

 "the 2018 annual meeting of China's textile innovation summit", design the first activities ­ - "2019/20 autumn and winter China textile fabrics fashion trend would" held in shenzhen longhua district waves fashion town.Might this proposal LingJunXing textile enterprises in textile and garment industry, clothing brand and popular trend experts to participate in the social economy and the way of life as the research background, gather the Chinese textile fabrics fashion trend research and publishing alliance enterprises with famous clothing brand, the famous fashion trend experts, etc., all the fashionable wisdom, raise the popular trend, popular trend points together looking forward to 2019/20 of China's textile fabrics, establish 2019/20 autumn and winter textiles fashion trend overall direction and popular colour, design, fabrics and subdivision category trend features.


Clothing brand Style, one of the bill sponsor, project director, general manager - vision Asia, art institute of donghua university clothing and guest lecturers fang-hua liu said that as a dedicated to serving the brand clothing, consulting and project company brand fabrics and yarn, Style - 2019/20 vision predicted fabrics of qiu dong the trends and key points include: boy modelling, mix the wind, soft profile, sports city.


In the theme of boy modelling, this season will emphasize male design of formal outfit more, the detail that adds female tenderness at the same time, reflect the modelling that gives more metropolis.At the same time, dark blue, chocolate, chocolate brown, toxic beige, medium gray, light yellow, butterfly blue, and embellished beige will be the color trend of this theme.In addition, in the style such as windbreaker, suit, shirt, long skirt, oversize design will become a kind of theme logo.

In mix build a theme, this season trend will tend to daily modelling is changed, the style is more bold at the same time, attract a person eyeball.Key colors: khaki, brown, fuchsia, rose-wood, apricot pink.

In the soft outline theme, in addition to the supersize design, the layering will be the highlight.In the use of knitted fabrics, designers can set up means, so that the overall knitting appears more luxurious, comfortable.In addition, wool felt fabric, because warm, plasticity is good, also will become favorite.

In the sports city theme, the overall shape will be more suitable for the fast-paced life now, with silver-grey as the main color, matching khaki green, sunflower yellow, moderate water system blue, light-changing blue and black.

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