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MAGIC Marketplace International Fashion Exhibition
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Founded in 1933, MAGIC SHOW is the most representative professional clothing exhibition in the United States. Till now, MAGIC SHOW has become the world's largest professional clothing exhibition integrating men's, women's, children's and avant-garde fashion, and is the most important information release platform and ordering center of clothing market in North America.

The exhibition covers a total area of over 200,000 square meters, mainly divided into seven exhibition areas: magic-men's clothing, wwdmagic-women's clothing, MAGIC kids-children's clothing, THE edge-fashionable fashion clothing and accessories, SOURCING ZONE- international processing, FABRIC- fabrics, ACTIVE LIFESTYLE- sports casual wear. Every year, the MAGIC SHOW attracts 96,000 professional visitors from the United States and more than 110 countries and regions to visit and negotiate with them. More than 3,200 exhibitors brought about 21,000 products from about 5,500 brands, 52% of visitors came from policy makers, 80% of visitors expect to find new partners through the exhibition. 75% of the visitors place orders at the exhibition. Free admission to international visitors with the delegation, as well as free training sessions on business, topics include: retail, forecasting and sales, trends, color, visual promotion and technology. Visitors generally report that the fair is a better place for them to strike deals. According to statistics, the trade success rate of attending MAGIC exhibition is up to 80%.A total of $87 billion, or 50% of all annual U.S. retail sales, is placed at the MAGIC by 39 large U.S. retailers that are on permanent display. Chinese products to leather, knitted clothing, bathrobe, casual clothing, children's clothing sales better.

"Sourcing at MAGIC international production and processing industry exhibition area" -- MAGIC exhibition was first launched in February 2003. Due to its clear positioning, the exhibitors in the exhibition area have a good exhibition effect, and it is the fastest growing exhibition area of MAGIC exhibition at present. It is also a professional exhibition area where MAGIC is targeted at large retailers and brand wholesalers. In February 2015, there were about 650 enterprises from mainland China (including noodle and accessory material enterprises) in the exhibition area, and the exhibitors achieved expected results.

Product category:

Clothing: all kinds of men's clothing, women's clothing, children's clothing, casual sports clothing, knitted clothing, leather clothing, youth clothing, cowboy clothing, bathrobe, underwear, socks, swimsuit, pajamas, T-shirt, etc.

Surface material: cotton fabric, denim fabric, embroidery fabric, yarn, functional fabric, knitted fabric, lace and lace, linen fabric, linen fabric, printing fabric, silk fabric, silk product, wool fabric, apparel, etc.

Wear act the role offing, hats, scarves, belts, ties, tie clip, parasols, lamp act the role offing, socks, jewelry, headwear, shawls, incense, models, electric iron, buttons, zippers, wristbands printed materials, watches, sunglasses, home act the role offing, clocks, glass, printing paint, belts, waist chain, bags (bags, backpacks, luggage bags, business suit bags), hold pillow, perfumes, cosmetics, luggage;

Shoes: leather shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, labor insurance shoes, slippers, etc.


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