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Linen Wear Tie-in Rule
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Linen is textured and has a wide selection of fabrics. We can wear like this, thick with thin, luster and lackluster, quite broad and drape feeling strong, have texture and delicate...A flax shirt, for example, is a good choice for khakis and jeans.


It’s better for us not go more than three colors from head to toe. This will give you a clean look. Do not pair patterned tops with matching shirts, ties, and pants. Striped or patterned linen tops are great with plain pants, and note that the color of your shoes matches the color of your clothes.



When wearing plain linen clothes, do not want to wear calm colors, such as dark brown, dark purple and black, as black will be presented with "color" results, so that the whole set of clothing without emphasis, and the overall performance of clothing will appear very heavy, dark colorless.



Linen clothing is mostly low saturation color, low color can make the work of the people dedicated to create a quiet atmosphere. The environment that professional personage dresses is much in indoor, finite space, wearing low purity color can increase the distance between person and person, make a person calm, reduce crowded feeling.



Linen is always basic styles, look ordinary and ordinary, but also because of concise, plasticity is extremely high, a few simple, the adorn article collocation of niche, give thick simple sense, detail feeling fully, integral LOOK gas field opens hang.



Comfortable and clean linen, concise and agile way of wearing and matching, always deeply attracted the attention of many people, presenting a pure lasting appeal/handsome, let a person see once seen unforgettable, in the popularity of fashion trend, linen harmonious and profound modeling, relaxed and leisurely along with sexy, never out of date.


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