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How To Dress Stripes Dress Thin?
- Sep 22, 2018 -

The stripe element of carefree and trendy, dress more compact have model. The edition model of slender body also can highlight exquisite body, match on bull-puncher short skirt or recreational pants, can appear already exquisite also can recreational vogue. Can go up in collocation white sneaker, show lively and nifty breath.



Blue is very fresh, the simple and slim version of a lot of girls like it. With fashionable pleated skirt, show the temperament of slim and clever. On the headdress in the heart wear, a bit of pastoral style. In deserve to go up a pure and fresh white high-heeled shoes, extremely simple style is worn build, appear lovely and relaxed.



Black and white always is the combination that matches, more is the style modeling of changes. Match the dress to come many takes not fastidious, with the most simple jeans collocation is together, however give a person a kind of pure and fresh sense, the sunshade hat that wears black and white stripe and hand hold black art bag, concise and clean and relaxed.

The visual effect of stripe gives the aesthetic feeling that the body builds, every consumer is worth to have.



Horizontal stripe is spliced irregular incline, make whole body modeling is very interesting, have characteristic more. Stripe is so joker, no matter how be pieced together, it is grab by the eye magic. It doesn't matter if you're not losing weight! There are vertical stripes waiting for us, super slim and stylish, and a belt that keeps the whole LOOK alive.

Shirts dresses have been a big hit this year, with an air of casual elegance and intellectuality. In the window of dazzling, small stripe dress is your first choice absolutely.

Since talk about shirt-style stripe dress, how can you less sea soul stripe. Classic "blue and white" tones, crisp and natural.



Black and white stripe is the evergreen tree of fashionable tide, be visible everywhere in all sorts of situation, bring more interest to go up in the vision while still can show the effect that gives move feeling, change the administrative levels feeling that lets integral modeling is rich.



Color stripe dress is the popular trend that summer cannot little, the confluence of cool and warm tonal, form all sorts of hit color effect directly, let you at the moment shine directly. Want summer to show romantic exotic style easily, color stripe dress can satisfy you certainly.

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