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Danish Customers Mikkle And His Sister Pikke Visit Factories And Exhibition Halls
- Oct 25, 2018 -

Yesterday afternoon, our staff, got the news, her Danish arrived in guangzhou, China, has checked into the hotel, ready to visit our factory today.

Coco丹麦客户This is the first time they have come to China, they are two very young, very pure and lively young people,In the morning, they came to our factory from guangzhou by taxi, and our staff members Maggie and Coco recept them,Show them around our factory and exhibition hall,they choose more than 20different designs from our showroom,also very satifited with our designs and our service.


at noon,We took them to eat Chinese food,and also teach them how to use chopstick,they are very happy to have lunch with us.

it is really a nice date with them. hope we can cooperate more and more harmoniously.

Let's wish our Danish guests a happy journey,hope their families are healthy and happy!

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