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Bless Your Friend, Wish Your Family Happiness Happy, Be Filled With A Happiness
- Aug 28, 2018 -

August 28, 2018, we are very glad that our Australian guests have come to visit the our company and factory.  First, on behalf of all the staff of our company, I'd like to extend my welcome to our friends.


Monica is a new client for our company, it’s the 2nd time for her and her family come to China, and it’s the first time of them to visit our city and company. They have their own stores in Australian and they are also very happy to find us as their garment supplier. Monica is also the brand for there LOGO, they are family business, so they always make decision by family.

2018-8-18 2.jpg


At the beginning stage, we made 10 styles sample for them, and at the same time, we develop Main label and Hangtag for the brand.


We believe a better cooperation between us mostly comes from good will and confidence in each other.


We velieve that teamwork and longstanding relationships are fundamental to ensuring our success, it’s believed that our cooperation will bring a success to us.


Bless our friend, wish her family happiness happy, be filled with a happiness.

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