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A Simple Method Of Identification Of Linen
- Apr 27, 2018 -

1. Linen:

Appearance: pure linen is coarser than cotton hemp or imitation hemp. It is naturally distributed evenly, with relatively high density and leuco leuco. The color is relatively, cotton or linen or imitation is relatively dark; cotton or linen or imitation.

Hand feeling: pure linen feels rough and hard, and there are obvious concave and concave feeling on uneven surface. (super grade can also handle soft, but still rough compared to cotton and silk). Cotton or linen is opposite to hemp.

Description: the washes are relatively soft, but the roughness is enhanced and the local flavor is stronger.

Combustion: pure burning, slow burning, no black smoke.  There is no irritating smell. The smell of burning paper, gray and white ashes.

2. Ramie:

Appearance: pure ramie is coarser than flax. It is also coarser than linen yarns. The color is relatively, blended, mixed or imitation ramie is also dark; cotton ramie or imitation ramie opposite.

Hand feeling: pure ramie is more rough, rough, concave and convex, and even stab hands. Blending, mixing and imitating ramie are the opposite.

Burning: basically the same as flax.

Description: generally ramie is washed or treated before making fabric. So the handle is relatively soft, but it is coarse and thick, and the fabric is more heavy and more prominent.

3. Jute:

Appearance: jute has the largest appearance span. Depending on the degree of fiber treatment, it has the appearance of flax and can also be biased towards ramie. It can be rough and delicate. All appearances can be seen at a glance and difficult to distinguish. Mainly because there are not many clothing materials, mainly used for packaging and ropes. (see the picture of jute fabric and detail drawing of hemp shirt). Look carefully, slightly less than a long section.

Feel: generally rough and stiff. Touch the hand. Wearing fabrics can also be smooth and soft according to different requirements.

Burning: basically the same as the above two.

Mixed fabrics can be disassembled and identified separately. Blending is not easy to identify. Blending and weaving are complicated. If you want to know the ingredients clearly, it is recommended to check with professional inspection organizations.

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