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2019 Spring And Summer Women's Pattern Trend
- Oct 20, 2018 -

1- Oversized flower

Oversized roses, tulips and tropical flowers are presented in bright, colorful style.

And create a near-psychedelic effect.

The color is mainly composed of simple two-color or three-color combination.

The bold black outline, photo-like look and vivid digital design highlight the stylization.

This theme applies to dresses, lightweight outerwear and women's shirts.



2- Pink wax checkered & striped

Powdered wax and faded tones are enhanced by black and orange contrasts.

Bringing exquisiteness and vitality to new spring products.

Soft stripes and plaid complement the lightweight, thin fabrics of woven and jersey

Streak increased by 9.9%, the proportion increased from 9.2% to 9.8%

This theme applies to shirts, shirt jackets and lightweight jackets.




3- Art camouflage

Splashes, abstract art patterns and dyeing effects create an expressive mix of patterns.

Updated classic camouflage for artistic patterns from the transition season to the midsummer season.

Presenting traditional military camouflage in a more subtle and playful form,

It is also a commercial wild choice to replace tie dyeing.

This theme applies to dresses, tops, and lightweight outerwear.




4- Square towel printing

Influenced by the tribute to the Taiwanese show by Gianni Versace in the spring and summer of 2018,

Supermodel assembly shows its most iconic classic prints.

The scarf pattern revived, sweeping the 2018/19 autumn and winter T-stage, will continue to 19 spring and summer.

Traditional ornate Baroque patterns appear with navy, retro style and bandanna models

This theme applies to jackets, leggings, suits, dresses.



5- Splicing color block

The splicing design updates the color block elements, which is refreshing.

V-shaped patterns, truncated stripes and diagonal lines present a lively and glamorous look, creating a subversive splicing aesthetic.

This theme applies to swimwear and sportswear.



6- Abstract pattern

Traditional patterns such as dots, mini flowers and animal prints have been improved.

The all-in-one application of abstract pattern florals has become a versatile print theme that sweeps across markets.

Popular small patterns are presented in a more dispersed form.

The abstract pattern design includes monochrome art lines, flower/geometry mashups and abstract outlines.



7- Delicate geometry

The geometric pattern presents a refined texture, and the rustic soft tones are the main color.

Inspired by nostalgia and global travel, it enhances its commercial potential through modern aesthetics.

This theme applies to dresses, tops and bottoms.




8- Animal print

The animal print that has returned since the 18/19 autumn and winter runway

Will continue to the spring and summer of 2019 series and more sweep the market

From traditional animal prints to pastels

Will guide the new direction for women's shirts and fashionable mid-skirts.




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