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Will linen Liner fabric shrink?
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Will the linen fabric shrink? Linen viscose interwoven fabric, its warp is viscose, weft is linen, so this fabric will not shrink the meridian, but will stretch. But the latitudes will shrink.

Rain dew Ma is flax after harvest, put on the ground to dry, through natural rain watering, peeling stem to make a hemp. After weaving, it has grey dark strips and much more expensive than other types of linen. Linen fiber is a natural fiber. After exquisite processing, it is woven into various styles of linen fabric with unique lines and luster. It has fast moisture absorption, fast heat dissipation, strong air permeability, anti static properties and so on.

Flax fiber enjoys the reputation of "natural fiber Queen" and is the only bundle fiber in natural fibers. A special structure with other fibers not having a pectin edge. These bevel holes in contact with the skin will produce fine hair hole phenomenon, can adjust the ecological temperature environment of the skin surface in time, improve the human skin cell tissue, absorb nutrition and oxygen, keep the skin water, regulate blood gas and activate cells. Make people's skin smooth and clean, promote the metabolism of human epidermal cells and prevent skin aging.

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