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What color down coat will be popular in 2019?
- Feb 01, 2019 -

Pink Down Coat

It is the pink that the schoolgirl likes most above all of course, itself down coat is very lovely design, deserve to go up pink pink tender tender tonal dress is special lovely, give a person the feeling of a kind of very green vigor, and pink bread service also is the color that reduces age very much, deserve to go up casually below a brunet small leg pants goes.



Green Down Coat

The 2nd it is the green down coat with a bit more mature, green down coat can have mature woman flavor a bit more, big wool collar is very warm in the winter not only, and also show a face very small, another big advantage of green down coat is very be able to bear or endure dirty, it is very convenient in the winter.



Blue Down Coat

The last one is blue down coat, blue is actually very good-looking, different blue has different feelings, the left side of the electric blue is more cool, and the right side of the haze blue is fair maiden fan son full, you can choose different feelings according to their temperament.


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