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linen you will love
- Apr 27, 2018 -

linen, you're all familiar with it! It is widely used, such as clothing, environmental packaging, fashion handbags, craft gifts and so on, and many industries will have its presence.

Nowadays, the linencloth bag on the market is popular among the public. It not only has beautiful appearance, but also has better practicability. Now as long as you search for a bag on a shopping site, you will find that it will appear in front of everyone in various forms and colors, and will you be dazzled? Because the hemp cloth itself has the characteristics of high strength, moisture absorption, heat conduction and good permeability, so the practical value of the hemp bag is even higher. Most people like bags made of genuine leather and artificial leather. But after a long time, do you want to change your bag? Believe in the fashionable sackcloth, it will bring different life to you.

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